Global Connect’s Train the Trainer (TTT) program is aimed at those who want to be standout trainers and successful individuals. If you are looking to train top talent, future leaders, those in key roles or improve your own self, this proven program will get the results you want.


Global Connect’s TTT Program incorporates powerful techniques drawn from practical performance and sound training to develop your presence, confidence, voice, presentation and persuasive communication skills to inform, engage, influence and inspire any audience in any setting.


This very practical course emphasizes implementation aspect of the trainer concepts that are taught to you. The course aims to bring about personal transformation in both skills required to excel as a trainer and in bringing about a positive outlook to your persona and thought processes.


Our students’ feedback indicates high value in student engagement, expert facilitation, and applicable tools and techniques. The most visible change is in the attitude of the participants in all aspects of their life.


Who should attend?

  • New trainers
  • Established trainers looking for a refresher to improve their classroom techniques and methods to transfer learning to work situations
  • Executives in organizations responsible for developing others, from managers to human resources specialists
  • For individuals looking to develop presentation communication skills


Why should you attend?

  • A total transformation in your personality and attitude
  • Learn the adult learning theory and training design methodology
  • Gain expertise in conducting a needs assessment and developing learning objectives.
  • Learn and apply effective training techniques for managing participants and engaging a variety of learning styles.
  • Learn and practice creating an effective positive learning environment and managing classroom challenges.
  • Develop training solutions that are learner-centered