Global Sourcing Services

Global Sourcing Services was conceived with an objective to transform the way services are procured, managed and delivered across the different geographies for a client organization. The company has successfully developed and delivered Global Sourcing objectives (Off shoring/Outsourcing) for Global corporations. 

Global Connect's expertise empowers the client to realize economies of scale, innovation, cost efficiency and enterprise value. The tangible and intangible benefits gained from an effectively executed offshore strategy created in partnership with Global Connect can extend to sales development, strategic planning, market planning, and other departments of our client organizations. 

Global Connect forges strategic partnerships with its clients rather than adopting transactional relationships typical of some offshore services vendors or consultants. 

Strategic planning partners to CEO and Senior Management

We work directly with our client decision-makers to develop and implement Global Sourcing strategies that transform organizations. This level of leadership requires an innate ability to effectively manage change. We provide our clients with the tools, knowledge and expertise to drive effective transformation. 

Global Sourcing, the Success imperative in Global Business climate

Global Sourcing can help organizations become more efficient, more profitable and better able to compete in an increasingly Global & Price sensitive market. Our expertise in Global Sourcing will bring you the competitive edge in meeting & winning the Top line revenue challenges and the Bottom line cost reduction challenges.

Global Connect helps you deliver winning Global Delivery solutions

The Global Connect team has extensive strategic and operational expertise in the Global sourcing context and understand our clients' drivers, their strategic planning process, the operational challenges and the competitive environment in which they operate. Our experiences in Global Sourcing combined with our domain expertise across a number of sectors ensure successful results for our clients. 


 Our approach helps organizations meet financial objectives set at the CxO level by helping in delivering Operational excellence anywhere in the world. We help organizations make seamless transition from Vision to Delivery.

Global Connect has established itself as the industry thought leader through its cutting edge consulting work in the Global Sourcing Arena. It is focused on helping firms reduce the cost of delivering customer service, improve operational efficiency and provide a effective and workable off shoring road map through a successful Global Sourcing strategy by providing end-to-end Implementation services for the establishment and ongoing management of large and small Offshore Captive Centers and Off shoring services for IT, BPO and high-end Knowledge Process based (KPO) services.

We work with our client partners to understand their current environment, demonstrate how they can leverage paradigm shifts in the offshore outsourcing services environment to their advantage, and assist in strategizing, conceptualizing, designing, planning, incubating and implementing the solution. Process improvements, operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and an overall improvement in business performance are among the multitude of advantages such a solution can provide.